Want to cut costs and optimize your plant?


Reduce energy consumption and maximize savings

ACS optimizes systems by performing an analysis of thermal dynamics, equipment performance curves, and equipment specifications. Optimization can be performed on all levels, from what you have in your plant to component retrofits. Each building is unique and requires special attention to produce significant energy and cost savings. 

Energy Conservation

ACS utilizes the following energy conservation measures:

  • Load Analytics Demand Control: This algorithm monitors the flow, temperature and demand of the building and determines which component creates the greatest impact to deliver the capacity required.

  • Approach Cooling Tower Algorithm: This algorithm provides the coldest water available at a given condition limiting the energy to the most efficient range of the fan. This increases the efficiency of the chiller while maintaining the manufacturers required differential pressures through the chillers.

Active Commissioning

With our controls system in place, we are able to:


  • Monitor critical system functions 

  • Provide notifications when a system is operating outside its effective range

  • Dispatch personnel to investigate and resolve any inefficiencies

Retrofitting Equipment

Sometimes the best solution is to retrofit old equipment with newer, more efficient, replacements. 


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